Get most out of your IT investment

We started our Computers and Peripherals, Sales and Services Division with a vision to become a single stop for complete IT solution. We endeavour to bring quality IT hardware at lowest possible prices with on-site warranty. Inexoft also specialize in the building of new computer systems using branded components as per your specifications and needs. If you are looking for a simple home system or a large network for your business, we can customize a system that will meet all your needs.

We are authorised resellers for all major international brands like Intel, AMD, D-Link, Samsung, LG, Canon, Wep, Hykon and deal with high end servers, nodes and data storage devices. Our experience and knowledge is applied to maintain high efficiency and cost effectiveness. Best known for our prompt and quality services provided by trained technical staff who are there to assist you before and after your purchase, and who build our computer systems.

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