A right hand to control your inventory

Beneficio is an inventory and accounting management program designed for small, medium and large sized businesses. No matter how big or small your business is, precise inventory control, accurate inventory information must be at your fingertips, any time. Beneficio is also a Comprehensive Business Management Solution with Integrated Accounting Functionality which handles Sales, Tax Reporting, Inventory management, Secondary stocks, Invoicing and Financial Accounting. It is available in single-user and Multi-user environment. The software has the facility to handle all the new technology devices such as Card Reader, Bar Code Printer / Reader, Cash counting machine etc.

There are different versions available, depending on your actual business requirements and they are;

Beneficio 1.0

A financial accounting software solution to automate the entire organization accounting process in affordable way. Software has everything to maintain financial records including Cash book, Daybook, Bank book, General ledger, Sub ledger, Trial balance and Final accounts.

Beneficio 2.0

This is complete business management solution to maintain financial records including Stock, Inventory, Voucher entries and Customer-Vendor, Billing details etc. Inventory and invoicing with advance barcode feature helps to manage large volume of business financial data in systematic manner.

Beneficio 3.0

Simple yet sophisticated, Beneficio 3.0 is a versatile software solution for helping Resellers, Wholesalers and other business people for consumer products and medicine products. Besides the features of other two versions, provides sub-classification of stock items and enable inventory maintenance on the basic batch number, serial number, colour, expiry date, or any other criteria and completely integrated with accounting aspects.

The common main features of the software system are briefly given below:

Developed with state-of-the art tools to ensure maintainability for several year
Export data to Microsoft Excel, Word, HTML, PDF and text functionality
User friendly graphic interface
Client Server architecture for optimum performance
Single Key highlighted operations
Easy retrieval of reports and statistics
Preparation of payroll with necessary and statutory deductions and all associated documents
Attendance Register maintenance
Attendance Register maintenance
MIS and Statistics Reports for all the activities to enable efficient business management
Messaging facility between users of the system
Compatible with external devices such as bio metric devices and bar code printer