Proven technologies for dairy automation

The Ksheerasoft Automatic Milk Collection Station is a specially designed, integrated unit which combines several functions of a milk collection centre. This is a simple, reliable system in which a computer is attached to an Electronic Weighing Scale, Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer, External Display and a DM Printer and used by the society during milk collection. This unit provides automatic, fast and accurate solutions for all the record keeping activities related to milk collection at Milk Producers Co-operative Societies. KAMCS provides an easy interface between Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer and other devices. Ksheerasoft Automatic Milk Station automatically weighs procured milk, measures its Fat, SNF, CLR and water content and calculates the amount to be paid. It also prints the receipts with above details, which are given to the farmers for the payments. This result in the timely preparation of milk receipts and payments to farmers, reduction in the waiting time, wastage of milk and the elimination of unfair practice etc. It maintains a database on the computer for producer details like passbook number, date and time of the milk collection, weight of the milk and it’s Fat, SNF, CLR and water content and the amount payable.

The package ensures full data handshaking among the modules. This provides error free operation with minimum effort and the availability of data, where and when it is required.

Unique features for KsheeraSoft Automatic Milk Collection Unit are;

The provision to announce the name of the farmer, milk quality, quantity and rate of the milk in regional language
Big display and collection slip printing in regional language
Warning message and alert sound from computer to prevent over flow from milk can
Graphical representation of poor quality milk which gives easily notification to the farmer