Next generation solution for Co-operative banks

Inexoft has developed a wide range of banking solutions to modernize the business functions of the rural credit co-operative banking segment which is a dynamic mechanism and an integral part of the Indian financial system. The release of BankNext is one among them. This solution is a comprehensive banking solution that empowers banks to provide a wide range of business functions including maintenance of correct book of accounts, managing assets and liabilities, online customer support, management of back-office processes and generation of accurate financial reports. BankNext exploits features of the Component Object Model and it incorporates object-oriented architecture. The software provides quick and comprehensive MIS reports and various conciliatory reports that can be generated at end of the day.

As a centralized fully fledged banking application, the system provides total branch automation customised to fit Indian banking conditions. The application has strong security and encryption technologies to provide a secure transaction environment. Customers can perform diverse functions depending upon the type of accounts. The Bank will meet the financial needs of customers in a convenient and cost effective manner while providing international standards of service.