LEADEASI is a Business intelligence Platform, which deals with leads management. It helps to manage the leads and convert it into potential business. LEADEASI helps to know about the details regarding who, how and where the leads to your business are generated. It can also focus on exact detailing about the status of individual lead, payment details, sales pipeline, details of clients and their background including age, Communication address, phone numbers and mail id. It can also show activities like dates of joining and relieving, printing of Certificates, timing and assigning of work, status report, periodical report, all over report, Sales team and members details, Campaign and activity list, leads and opportunities and many more. These detailing helps the owner to know about the status of his business and to take the decision in time. This increases efficiency to the business.

LEADEASI gives fast-growing and mid-size companies intuitive and affordable tools to engage audiences and measure marketing success. The solution helps you to generate & manage new potential business clientele and automate your marketing processes. Our dashboard provides details like latest entered leads, today’s tasks & reminders, prospects which makes it easy for the sales team to nurture the leads. You can also get a detailed and filtered list of the leads that matters most to boost your business.

 Inexoft Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading India based Business Analytic Software Development Company focused on delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to our clients in areas such as all kinds of businesses like Manufacturing, Hospital, Educational Institutions, Printing & Publishing Press, Dairy Farms, Themepark and Trading etc. We delivers best-in-class software solutions that help businesses grow revenue, increase profit and operate in a more efficient and sustainable way.