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ERP system or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a business management system that integrates the entire activities of the business viz. operations planning and administration. Suitable for optimizing internal business processes, including manufacturing,the supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources and warehouse management. An enterprise with no ERP needs to use many types of software that do not allow interaction and cannot be customized. It is for this reason they are not able to optimize the organizational business activities. Integration of data across the enterprise ensures greater visibility in all areas of your business to the strategic decision level.

Inexoft Technologies specializes in ERP software and develops high quality solutions for medium-sized and large companies. We define ERP as an enterprise re-engineering solution, that uses the latest management methodologies and techniques to integrate IT processes across company divisions and departments in order to help organizations perform better, smarter and productively. At Inexoft, we consider the decision to implement an ERP solution must be based on the added value the ERP provides to the business. This is why it is important to make sure that your software will provide an efficient solution throughout the whole organization. We, as experienced professionals, offer industry-specific knowledge and top quality standards. Our project methodology sets us apart from the competition. Inexoft takes the time to involve your decision-makers in every phase, ensuring you end up with the product you want.