Delivering what you want and how you want it

Inexoft provides the best solutions for modern organizations as far as IT related issues are concerned. The software we supply is tailor made. It caters precisely to all specifications you stipulate. A perfect solution in handling the various functions of your organization. Our software development is based on the concept of an e-office, applicable for the entire administrative, financial, production, planning operations and other customized requirements of your organization.

Our technical consultants are experts in building large enterprise systems and implementing the strategic solutions using various software platforms available in the market. They possess vast knowledge and business expertise in industries such as finance, insurance, medical, education, media, retail and others.

We develop custom software for you at a reasonable price. It is developed in such a way that it is flexible enough to take care of your growing needs, even in the future. Services such as software modification and up-gradation can produce better results than any other ready-made packages. Inexoft’s prices may seem a little higher when compared to some ready made packages, but they are economical considering the benefits you derive from them.

Benefits of Customized Solutions

Many companies buy ‘ off the shelf ‘ software without analyzing the benefits of customized packages. A pre-written package may accomplish 65% of your business needs but the remaining 35% requires human resources to accomplish the job. In fact, ready-made packages could be too large and complex for the immediate needs of your business and may not meet your exact requirements.

The preciseness of customized application means it meets the needs of your business, not for you to have to alter your business process to fit the software package! Designed after careful consideration of your demands and suggestions, and strictly following your guidelines, it undoubtedly reduces training costs and improves productivity.