Milk Dairy Records Management System

KsheeraSoft is designed and developed looking into account the needs of dairy milk co-operative societies in India. The software has been developed both in English and in regional languages. The purpose is to integrate the entire operations of societies. e.g. , Milk collection, Milk sales to marketing federations, Local sales, Purchases, Farmer payment, Salesman liability, Accounts ledger, Receipts & Disbursement register, Trial balance, Balance sheet, Profit & Loss account, Progress reports to district diary departments and other Government agencies, Audit and inventory management.

In addition to regular milk related activities, this package includes Product sales like cattle feed, banking activities viz. Members / Employees Loan, Fixed Deposit, Savings / Recurring Deposit, deduction and disbursement of Funds, deduction of pension and other contributions from Farmers / Employees and its payment to Government. It also generates a variety of MIS Reports which are very helpful for managerial decisions making tasks and planning.

KsheeraSoft is available in two versions. One is KsheeraSoft 4.0 which is developed for APCOS dairy unions and the other KsheeraSoft 5.0 for traditional milk co-operative societies.

Integration of Automatic milk unit is another feature of this software suit. Click here to get more information about Automatic Milk Collection Unit.