Explore Time and Attendance Tracking Software

Biometric security systems are an important part of the electronic security systems installed in several business premises, hospitals and organizations. The Biometric Attendance and Access Control Systems not only track day to day attendance recording, but also restrict unauthorized access to the prohibited areas. At the same time the biometric security systems are very convenient to use in the offices as well as in the houses. Biometrischer attendance software is a complete attendance management software for all types of organizations. The software works as standalone version that can be installed in single PC for attendance generation. The software is able to automate the tabulations of staff time clocking, calculate working hours and interface with payroll, requiring minimal human resources to achieve this objective. The application has an inbuilt facility of sending automatic SMS and Email alerts to the concerned departments if it is configured so.

The system uses company-defined rules and policies to calculate the time each individual has worked which can then be passed to the payroll system for processing payments. This enables organizations to significantly reduce the administrative effort involved in payroll preparation.